[osg-users] switching between multiple sub-scenes, with different manipulators

Roozbeh Sharlune roozbeh.fazl at gmail.com
Wed Jul 27 05:48:02 PDT 2016


Thank you Sebastian for your suggestion. I had thought about this previously, but didn't check KeySwitchManipulator. Thanks a lot.
My views are independent, that is they are not visible at the same time.
Now the problem I have is like this: Let's assume I have scene0 and scene1, and scene0 is invisible right now. Changing the camera orientation in scene1, changes the camera orientation in scene0 too, when I switch the visibility. That's because they have both a default main camera, right? How can I stop this? to remove the main camera altogether and each branch of the scene has its own independent camera which is not affected by another scene's manipulator? 

Thank you!


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