[osg-users] Linux packaging: Qt 4 vs 5

Stuart Mentzer osgforum at tevs.eu
Mon Jul 18 10:24:40 PDT 2016

The Fedora OSG packager added this comment to the Bugzilla entry:

> Having experimented a bit with Qt4/Qt5 builts, I found this won't be easily achievable.
> - OSG-3.4.0's qt-libs/plugins/binaries use non-qt-versioned file names/SONAMEs. I.e. qt4 and qt5-compiled binaries will conflict at runtime/installation time.
> - Qt5-built OSG is slightly incompatible with Qt4-build versions of OSG-3.4.0.
> (Building against QT5 causes OSG to drop the osgdb_qfont.so plugin)
> - OSG-3.4.0 monolytical [monolithic?] build system treats QT4 and QT5 as mutually exclusive alternatives.
> All in all, I don't see an easy way to implement parallel installation of qt4-/qt5-build variants.

If these issues can't be finessed, separating just osgQt into Qt 4 and 5 packages won't suffice: we'll need separate OSG builds, installation paths, and library naming. But maybe someone more familiar with Linux builds can see a simpler approach. Having both Qt 4 and 5 builds on Linux seems to have value but if that's not practical it might be time with OSG 3.6.0 to encourage Linux packagers to switch to Qt 5.


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