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Marco Pompei kingmarco1983 at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 00:45:38 PDT 2016

thank you for reply. I googled and found out any example about this. but, I have a doubt about osg::AutoTransform: I saw this get the position by a Vec3 but circleNode get his position by GeoPosition:

Assuming this:
osg::AutoTrasform at = new ....
at->pos( Vec3 )
CircleNode myCircle = new CircleNode(.... GeoPosition(lat/lon) .... );

1. What are represent the values I set up in Vec3 in terms of position? (lat/lon, coordinates or other??)
2. GeoPosition get lat/lon but if I have already set up Vec3 position for "at" which is going to position he choose to draw?

The last:
Now, thanks annotation callback I receive my circle node and his AnnotationData I defined. I saw AutoTrasform doesn't have setAnnotationData. If I do at->addChild(myCircleNode) and group->addChild(at) I aspect to receive "at" as Annotation (is it correct??). How can I extract any AnnotationData by this?


[quote="Trajce Nikolov NICK"]you can use osg::AutoTransform on top of your circle

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