[osg-users] Why is setTexCoordArray(0, texcoords) needed if array is modified in-place

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 05:27:16 PDT 2016

Hi Florian,

I read your post but came away confused about what your are doing/how
you are going about things.

As a general note, DataVariance is not used in compile or uploading of
OpenGL data, just in giving hints to the operations like in
osgUtil::Optimizer or in the draw traversal for holding back the next
frame till all DYNAMIC objects have been dispatched.

Second general note, if you are using VBO's and have modified the
array data so that copy in the VBO is now out of date then you will
need call dirty on the VBO to force it re-upload the vertex data.
Perhaps this is what is missing in your code.


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