[osg-users] Get current Billboard ModelView matrix?

Philipp Meyer philipp.meyer at fh-bielefeld.de
Tue Jul 5 01:05:47 PDT 2016


I want to track the delta movement of every fragment in my scene. Only tracking on a per object basis would not be enough because an object may, for example, rotate (so that one side of the object approaches the camera, the other side doesnt) or it may have moving parts.

You are talking about writing data on a texture. I would be very interested in how that technically works. Im still a beginner with shaders but I thought that the fragment shader can only write data to a very specific point on a texture (where the current fragment would appear), and depending on the alpha blending and other settings the final pixel color is determined by the hardware. How would I go about writing actual information to a texture via. a shader as you suggest?

Thank you!


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