[osg-users] Controlling drawing order

Valerian Merkling niarkoleptik at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 07:59:56 PDT 2016


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I'm working on a little GIS app using OSG.

First I need to say that I do not need to get more than 15fps.

I have to draw multiple layers on the same view. Layers may overlaps, but not always.

Right now, to be able to choose which layer is on top of the others, i'm using the PolygonOffet properties, but I don't like it.

So here is what I want to try : 
-put a clear node on my root to clear all the buffers 
-put a clear node on top of each layer node to clear only the depth buffer 
-Try to control the rendering order with the child index (assuming that the first child is rendered first , and the second after ...)

Problem is that the Color buffer is never cleared with this setup, and I think I misunderstood how to use clear nodes.

So my question is : - Is it possible ? - How can I choose the rendering order of my layer's node ?

Thank you!


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