[osg-users] Collect all the osg::Materials from a osg::Node using osg::NodeVisitor

Trajce Nikolov NICK trajce.nikolov.nick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 26 08:58:00 PDT 2016

Hi Community,

this is really simple, but for a reason it is not working on my end. I have
simple model with animation (a cube that scales over time). On load I
launch a NodeVisitor to collect all the Materials. I can see one Material
in the text file but the parser is not hitng it. Here is my Visitor code:
Any clue? And thanks a bunch as always!

struct MaterialFinderVisitor : public osg::NodeVisitor
        : osg::NodeVisitor(osg::NodeVisitor::TRAVERSE_ALL_CHILDREN)

    virtual void apply( osg::Node& node )
        osg::StateAttribute* attr =
        if (attr)
            std::cout << "ATTRIBUTE: " << attr->getName() << std::endl;

            osg::Material* material = dynamic_cast<osg::Material*>(attr);
            if (material && (material->getName() != "@RootMaterial@"))
                std::cout << "MATERIAL: " << material->getName() <<

trajce nikolov nick
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