[osg-users] Potential fix for osgDB MSVC linkage issues (FORCE:MULTIPLE needed)

Nickolai Medvedev raizel.dev at yandex.ru
Fri Aug 19 16:07:44 PDT 2016

Hi, guys!

Let's remember, what exactly it std::fstream:

typedef basic_ifstream< char, char_traits< char > > ifstream;
typedef basic_ofstream< char, char_traits< char > > ofstream;
typedef basic_fstream< char, char_traits< char > > fstream;

So, if problem is names, maybe do something like:

typedef basic_ifstream< char, char_traits< char > > osg_ifstream;

or to inherit osgDB:: fstream from std::basic_fstream< char, std::char_traits< char > >.

Sorry, i have no time that to check it.


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