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wang dexing wangdexingit at gmail.com
Tue Aug 16 21:43:11 PDT 2016

Hi Julien,

Thank you for your reply,I think there is no separation between user level and system level,since the development of OpenGL also exposes more low-level implementation.
the reason why I didn't use 'vao' in 'drawable' is that I think  'vao' is used to manage 'vbos',but 'vbos' is not only from 'drawables' ,but also from somwhere else,for example,'instance arrays' of 'status information' .It's rigid to put 'vao' in 'drawable'.So I'd like to find a better place using 'vao'.I think 'RenderLeaf' can be a good place because it has the member '_drawable' and its parent is 'stategraph', it can be closely linked to the two.
I know that cullvisitor isn't fit for instance culling,so I didn't change the original structure,only calculated 'instance data' when cullvisitor traverse 'instance node' which I signed.just as I wrote,I didn't want to give up osg's 'cull' function,I only add some extra features when cullvisitor traversing.I extended some classes to support it.

Thank you!


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