[osg-users] Crash on exit (graphics thread removing camera)

Jannik Heller scrawl at baseoftrash.de
Tue Aug 16 09:44:12 PDT 2016


> You need to think about whether you need to delete Camera's 
> dynamically during the applications life, you haven't explained why 
> you are doing this and why not keeping the Camera around is not 
> appropriate so I can't comment on the validity of what you are doing.

I don't need to remove it during runtime, I remove it on exit. Obviously it's a good idea to remove stuff on exit to avoid memory leaks. You *could* just leave your scene as it is and let OSG clean it up when the viewer exits - but I like to follow the principle of: whoever creates an object should be responsible for removing it ;)

> Also something that seems a bit odd - why an in scene graph Camera has
> a GraphicsContext assigned to it. Normally in scene graph Camera
> don't have an GraphicsContext, instead inherit the GraphicsContext
> from the viewer's Camera. If Camera needs it's own
> GraphicsContext/Window then would typically best done by having a
> Camera at the Viewer level rather than in the scene graph. Again I
> don't know why you've gone for the approach you have, all I can say it
> might not be appropriate.

I assigned the same GraphicsContext that I'm using for the window. I thought that would be equivalent to just leaving the GraphicsContext as NULL and letting it inherit, I didn't realize there might be side effects to explicitely setting the GraphicsContext.

Thanks for this note, now I have a better understanding of what Camera::setGraphicsContext actually does :)

So I guess we have at least 3 different workarounds then:

- Leave the camera's GraphicsContext as NULL
- Remove the Camera's children before removing the Camera
- Wait for the graphics thread to finish (i.e. stop viewer threading) before removing the camera

Read this topic online here:

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