[osg-users] Issue Subclassing GraphicsWindowX11

Cary, Karl A. KARL.A.CARY at leidos.com
Wed May 27 07:32:40 PDT 2015

I need to subclass the GraphicsWindowX11 class in order to provide a custom swapBuffersImplementation. However, when I do this I then get a really random error in the middle of one of my enumerations (expected identifier before numeric constant). It happens when I include osgViewer/api/X11/GraphicsWindowX11, which I have to include in order to subclass GraphicsWindowX11. If not I am told 'expected class name before {'. As for the enumeration, it happens on the definition of an enumeration value called 'None' (NOTE: the value is called None, not the enumeration). It is a 3rd party header/library so it cannot be changed. Any idea what is going on? Or is there a different way I need to be including/subclassing/declaring GraphicsWindowX11? Thank you.

#include <osgViewer/GraphicsWindow>
#include <osgViewer/api/X11/GraphicsWindowX11>

class MyWindow : public osgViewer::GraphicsWindowX11
		MyWindow(osg::GraphicsContext::Traits* traits):
			osgViewer::GraphicsWindowX11(traits) {}

		virtual void swapBuffersImplementation();
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