[osg-users] Global draw callback

Farshid Lashkari flashk at gmail.com
Tue May 26 10:24:22 PDT 2015

Hi Robert,

I've run into the situation multiple times where having a global draw
callback would have been very convenient. It's mostly been for debugging
scenarios, but I can also see other situations where being able to globally
augment draw calls would also be useful.

What are your thoughts on having a global draw callback part of the
osg::State object? It doesn't seem like much code would need to be changed,
and the performance impact should be minimal.

Essentially, osgUtil::RenderLeaf would be modified to call:

state.draw(_drawable, renderInfo);

And osg::State::draw would look like:

if(_drawCallback.valid()) _drawCallback->draw(_drawable, renderInfo);
else _drawable->draw(renderInfo);

Does this seem like a reasonable feature to add? I can work on a patch if
you feel it's appropriate.

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