[osg-users] Google and "Authoritative Distributor" of Open Source Software (OSG)?

Chris Hanson xenon at alphapixel.com
Mon May 11 14:28:11 PDT 2015

  Has anyone else here who offers download of compiled Open Source software
been hassled by Google? My Google Ads for AlphaPixel's OSG consulting
services (a major part of my business) have been suspended for the

after a discussion with our policy team, it looks like your site was
correctly disabled for our Free Desktop Software policy, which you can find
What they are specifically talking about is this page on your site
What they are telling me is that for the software found on that page you
must register as the authoritative distributor of that software through
this form here
After submitting the form, the policy team will review your site within 1-2
weeks and if they confirm that you are the main distributors of this
software and they will approve the site without any further escalation from
me. I know this isnt the most ideal answer you were looking for, but I have
pushed back immensely and have done all I can but they are standing firmly.
At this time, I think the only option would be to go through the from
process. Please let me know if you have any questions on this matter.

  So, it doesn't seem to me to be sensible to require we register as "THE
authoritative" software distribution site. This would presumably exclude
others such as Torben (
http://www.osgvisual.org/projects/osgvisual/wiki/Downloads ) which is not

  It seems to me like Google somehow, doesn't even GET the idea of Open
Source, at least as it applies to binary downloads. Has anyone encountered
this issue?

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