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Christian Kehl christian-kehl at web.de
Wed May 27 14:15:57 PDT 2015

Hi Jan,

Your last post suggests we are talking about different repositories. What I did is compile osg 3.3.8 for Android using the cmake command line. Then, I use Rafa's osgAndroid from github. This package includes 4 projects: osgAndroid, osgjni, osgSimple and osgcamera. osgAndroid (at least for me) needs to be build with the NDK from the commandline (within Eclipse it doesn't work for me) using ndk-build. It shall compile a java library (.jar) using the static c++ libraries from osg 3.3.8. The osgSimple has osgAndroid as a dependency and shall hence include the jar in its apk.

Until there, it works for me. Thing is: the apk of osgSimple does not include the static osg 3.3.8 c++ libraries, which is why my logcat tells me on execution that it cannot find the libraries ...

What I hassle to achieve for now 2 months is just to get a working osg Android render application (preferably from source) that can load an osg/ive file and which I can modify for rendering, interaction and data modification ...

With respect to my environment, I have some shell scripts that initialize my environment (PATH- and LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable) so that any linking command takes the right libraries for a particular architecture (web, desktop, android, etc.). Only thing is that eclipse seems to gently ignore these paths when building the apk for osgSimple - or there is a problem with the make files in general. Fact stays: the osgSimple application does not include the static osg c++ libraries it needs in order to load files, create a render context or anything. The apk includes the osgAndroid jar file from the relative path written in the Android.mk file. That is why building the apk works fine, because the java functions can be referred. The jar-file of osgAndroid compiles and links to the static c++ libraries on the computer. For one reason or another, it does not "package" them, so the static c++ libraries are missing when the jar is transmitted to the phone ...

Hopefully that detailed explanation makes it more clear. I'm still unwilling to give up on it and go through the procedure step-by-step again.

Thank you!


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