[osg-users] Forcing a scene to rebind textures

Philippe Renon philippe_renon at yahoo.fr
Mon May 11 14:40:04 PDT 2015

robertosfield wrote:
> Hi Philippe,
> Is there any chance your application is caching a subgraph that isn't
> attached to the view/contexts that are destroyed so are effectively
> hidden by the releaseGLObjects() operation?   If you re-attach such a
> subgraph to a new context it's handles to GL objects will all still be
> there but won't be valid.
> If you do cache subgraphs in this way then you need to call
> rootnode->releaseGLObjects(); on it prior to deleting the context, or
> call releaseGLObjectse() afterwards then osg::discardAllGLObjects();

Thank Robert, 
I think you are pointing me in the right direction.

By caching do you mean such a scenario:
1- realize and render a scene
2- detach a subgraph
3- remove View / close the GraphicsContext
4- create a new View with some scene and reattach the subgraph from step 2

Note that in my scenario (i.e. creating/detroying the "same" view+scene multiple times) the CompositeViewer itself remains the same. Views get added and removed but there is only one View at any time in that viewer (so I probably should not use CompositeViewer but I don't think it is relevant and I might need it in the future).

PS : Just tried to do the suggested cleanups after creating the view.
Code looks like this



// needed when adding a view a 2nd time (osg will not realize the viewer again...)
if (!viewer->isRealized()) {


unsigned int contextID = view->getCamera()->getGraphicsContext()->getState()->getContextID();

But I still get the invalid enumerant error followed by a crash.

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