[osg-users] osgQt versioning problem

Jannik Heller scrawl at baseoftrash.de
Thu Jun 11 13:19:20 PDT 2015


Recently I have had my application tested on a wide range of linux distributions. Some users are running into a problem with Qt version mismatch. My application gets built with Qt4, but osgQt might be built with Qt4 or Qt5. If you load Qt4 and Qt5 libraries in the same executable, a crash ensues.

This forces users to rebuild the OSG with a particular version of Qt, just to run a certain application, which is bad. 

For a proper solution, the OSG could provide libosgQt4 and libosgQt5 libraries, along with find scripts that allow the application to request a particular osgQt version to be used. What do you think about the idea?

Thank you!


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