[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph for driving simulation framework?

Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Wed Jun 10 11:26:00 PDT 2015

Hi Florian,

I work a the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute (VTI) where we have 3 large motion based simulators as well as a couple of small fixed based simulators, all running OpenSceneGraph. 

I agree with all of the above that it is certainly possible to build a driving simulation framework on top of OSG, BUT it is a massive undertaking and certainly nothing you should do for just ONE project. 

Instead you should probably take a look at some of the off-the-shelf products available. There are plenty of suppliers which can give you a turnkey solution. There are even some running OpenSceneGraph.

The framework we are using at VTI are also something we are prepared to share with selected partners. It is a research focused solution which gives you extreme flexibility at the price of usability, compared to some of the commercial alternatives which are easier to setup. Feel free to contact me if this is something of interest.

Another option, if you do not want to build you own simulator for one project, is to rent a simulator. The simulators at the automotive manufacturers are often closed to the research community and only used inside company projects. But many countries offer more open simulator centers where you can rent a simulator which fits your need and budget. From simple fixed based simulators to large full motion simulators. 

Best regards

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