[osg-users] OpenSceneGraph for driving simulation framework?

Per Nordqvist nordqvist at gmail.com
Wed Jun 10 07:22:10 PDT 2015

Hi Florian. I second Chris, OSG won't let you down on speed.
Here at Volvo (trucks) we have been using OSG in our driving simulator for
10 years, no plans
of switching. Several others are also using OSG in their driving simulators.

Still you have a lot of work in front of you, it is a dream system you are
You can easily spend 2-3 years just tweaking your moving platform - so make
sure you have the
right research questions before coming up with solutions.

Across the river here in Gothenburg sits Electronic Arts, they create Need
For Speed.
To get the graphics they use ~5 people full time in Maya - hand painting
the roads and scenes.

When creating our graphics we use Maya, 3ds, Blender & Remo3d (OSG based).
We also purchase models from turbosquid etc.

Feel free to contact me directly for non-OSG simulator discussions.


/Per Nordqvist

On 10 June 2015 at 15:10, Chris Hanson <xenon at alphapixel.com> wrote:

> OSG is certainly fast enough. You could couple in osgBullet for the
> physics support.
> What you propose to do is a lot of work, in any toolkit.
> On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 3:33 AM, Florian Weidner <leflarion at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Hey,
>> how are you? At first, thanks for the effort put in the development of
>> OpenSceneGraph.
>> For a bigger research project, i need to develop a first person driving
>> simulator - or in other words, a framework supporting driving simulation.
>> It should be like a customizable racing game which connects to a real life
>> test bench for car physics, a motion platform as well as different input
>> and visualization devices
>> For this i need a very realistic environment (buildings, trees, traffic
>> participants, rain, wind...) as well as a simple scenario editor. The
>> editor should allow an easy configuration of maps and support certain
>> triggers. A basic physics engine is also required but it does not need to
>> be very sophisticated bc I'm going to use parameters from the real-life
>> test bench.
>> Currently, I'm looking for a nice open source engine which makes the
>> development a little bit easier through having some built-in features.
>> From the wiki and the forum I got the idea that OpenSceneGraph might be a
>> good choice bc of it's openness, basic structure and the extensibility. Now
>> i want to ask you, if anyone has some feedback for me?
>> Is OpenSceneGraph be the right choice? Or do you suggest using another
>> engine? (I'm especially concerned about the graphics. Is OpenSceneGraph
>> suitable or fast enough?)
>> Of course, all results of my research will be published and open source
>> as well :)
>> Any feedback is welcome!
>> Thx in advance!
>> Cheers,
>> Florian
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