[osg-users] [vpb] Correct way to get texture data from USGS or any other source?

Christian Schulte christian.schulte at onera.fr
Tue Jun 9 04:32:25 PDT 2015


I totally agree with Sebastian. These data is surely geo-referenced, as 
I myself often used in the past data from USGS. Locking at the metadata 
you provided I would say that you are in an EPSG:2238 Lambert Conformal 
Conic projection, which is the main projection system for north Florida. 
You may try to specify to GDAL the source projection using this EPSG code.



Le 09/06/2015 12:59, Sebastian Messerschmidt a écrit :
> Am 09.06.2015 um 11:35 schrieb Elias Tarasov:
>> Hello!
>> I try to build map using vpb in ECEF.
>> According to manuals i've read it needs to start:
>> vpbmaster --geocentric -t texture_file -o output_file
>> So, clearly i need georeferenced texture file.
>> On that page:
>> http://www.osgvisual.org/projects/osgvisual/wiki/OsgTerrainData
>> there is a bunch of links to get data. Since --geocentric option 
>> allows not to use elevation data, then only textures are needed.
> Who told you this? Of course you can use elevation data in geocentric 
> mode ...
> Simply use -t for imagery and -d for digitial elevation data
>> And here is a problem: i can't get georeferenced textures from USGS.
> They are referenced, but in a non-supported coordinate frame. I never 
> had problems of this kind yet.
> But there are definitively geo-referenced data-sets on USGS, as I'm 
> using them myself.
> Use LandSAT imagery, which is WGS84 projected, so there should no 
> problems here.
> If you need some sample data I can share a small set on googledrive etc.
>> All files i choose from different sets there are without 
>> georeferenced information.
>> gdalinfo output:
> ...
> Yes it seems there is no valid projection. But still the data is 
> referenced.
>> What am i doing wrong?
> Without having your data, this is hard to tell
>> Thanks a lot and best regards!
>> Elias
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