[osg-users] How does shadow technic work if geometry shaders are in use

Sebastian Messerschmidt sebastian.messerschmidt at gmx.de
Mon Jun 8 12:03:56 PDT 2015

Hi Nick,

I failed to use the default Shadow-Mapping techniques in a deferred 
rendering context. I never fully understood how to "split" the 
shadow-map generation into later binding the resulting texture to my 
actual lighting/shadowmapping part.
Any insights on this?
Basically I've got multiple passes, one of which should create the 
shadowmap(s) and another others which need access to the resulting 
textures and states (in terms of an unifom for the matrix)

> Hi Werner,
> I am doing the same and using the LightSpacePerspective shadow 
> techinque. In your program you have to set your vertex and fragment 
> shaders as well, and it will be picked up correctly if you set the 
> masks for receiving/cast shadows .... So it should work. As long as 
> they are part of the top ShadowedScene
> Nick
> Nick
> On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 5:56 PM, Werner Modenbach 
> <Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu <mailto:Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     My scene contains many objects, which are created by geometry shaders.
>     So no vertices are created outside the graphics card for those
>     objects.
>     So I use
>         state->setUseVertexAttributeAliasing(true)
>     and
>         state->setUseModelViewAndProjectionUniforms(true)
>     Is it possible using a shadow technique in this case? If I'm right
>     the shadow technique installs it's own shaders.
>     Thanks for any hint.
>     - Werner -
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