[osg-users] Framerate changes with different zoom

Ale Maro sasha71 at teletu.it
Fri Dec 18 08:15:13 PST 2015


I recently update my software to OSG 3.4.0 from 3.2.0
I noticed that when I zoom out the 3D view (the object become smaller) with OSG 3.2.0 the framerate go up from 30 fps to 60fps
Using OSG 3.4.0 the frame rate remains the same (30 fps)
Zooming in framerate go up on both versions.

I use the default settings on both versions, in particular I do not set any culling.

How can I obtain the same behaviour with OSG 3.4.0? I tried using ENABLE_ALL_CULLINGS but it does not work.

May be it is something trivial but I cannot find a solution.
Any ideas? Thank you!

Best regards

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