[osg-users] osgDB::FileCache for network sources

Robert Osfield robert.osfield at gmail.com
Fri Dec 11 00:10:50 PST 2015

Hi Jeremy,

The FileCache::isFileAppropriateForFileCache(..) method is virtual so you
can subclass from FileCache override this method and than construct your
own FIleCache and attach it to the osgDB::Registry by doing:

   osgDB::Registry::instance()->setFileCache(new MyFileCache);


On 11 December 2015 at 02:10, Jeremy <jswigart at gmail.com> wrote:

> I have a large data set that is on a network that my application pulls
> small sections of. I want to use the file cache to build local caches of
> only the content the application needs without needing to clone the entire
> tree.
> When i register a file cache with my prototype application(which is
> currently just a slightly hacked osgViewer). I then proceed to load up my
> content using the network mapped paths(on windows, this amounts to a bunch
> of calls to \\somecomputer\somepath\whatever.flt for the terrain tiles, and
> then that in turn will pull in external references etc.
> The problem I'm having is that the file cache doesn't cache all these
> files like I would prefer it to. After a bit of debugging,
> the FileCache::isFileAppropriateForFileCache returns false because the url
> isn't prefixed with the known protocols(ftp, http, etc). As a quick
> workaround I made this function return true always to see if it would
> cache, and the next place that failed was when it tried to write out the
> cached file, since a network URL sent through createCacheFileName doesn't
> produce a valid file path.
> This is probably something I can get working with local modifications but
> I would like to ask that the developers consider some additional FileCache
> options so that one can tell it to cache all files, and not just the ones
> it deems to be "appropriate", which appears to be limited to remote url
> paths.The standalone osgfilecache application I think has the right idea
> with caching everything, but I'm wanted to avoid the need to run a
> preprocessing step. It appears as well that even if I created and populated
> the cache myself externally, the case(HANDLE_NON_HTTP): in the pager still
> only checks the cache given the success of
> the isFileAppropriateForFileCache.
> Perhaps it's also reasonable for this check to identify network URLs as
> viable candidates too?
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