[osg-users] OpenThread, each with its own viewer and performance

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Mon Aug 31 11:13:11 PDT 2015

Hello OSG forum users,

I have a new application I am working on where I am using an Openthreads, thread to setup a viewer, graphics context etc. for
3 separate screens on my computer.

At the moment we are loading no data into the viewer, so when its
realized its just the default blue OSG screen and the one default
camera for each viewer/screen.

First thread starts up, opens the screen and its osg stats shows 1200fps.
Second thread starts up and both of the osg stats are showing about
6000fps, the third thread starts up and all 3 have an FPS about 400fps.
So the stats are showing a drop by each screen, even though each
thread has its own independent, viewer and graphics context.

I have tried all the OSG threading models, including just leaving it
at AUTO and did not notice any change in the FPS symptoms.

Anyone have any clues as to why this is occurring?? 

It just seems to me that all these screens should be independent.

When I do the same thing with 3 separate applications instead
of threads, each screen has its own FPS of approx 1200fps...


Thank you!


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