[osg-users] is there someone who has used osgqtquick?

Abst Zhang 454895775 at qq.com
Thu Aug 20 20:19:47 PDT 2015


I download the osgqtquick code from 

I tried the source code and find some problem. 
when i resize the windows  , the updateviewport()(osgviewport.cpp) method would execute updataFBO() method , but in the updataFBO() method, the Qopenglcontext * currentcontext is null. so the fbo initialized failed, and the program is crashed. 
but in the initFBO() method , it can find Qopenglcontext correctly, is there anyone  who can give me a pointer to solve this? 

when i delete the updataFBO method , it does work , but the size of texture will not changed any more. 

Thank you!


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