[osg-users] Using osg::shadow with Gl 3.2 (Shader 1.5)

Werner Modenbach Werner.Modenbach at texion.eu
Thu Aug 6 09:01:53 PDT 2015

Due to several reasons I had to convert a project to above versions.
I was successful almost all over the project due to the excellent work 
of osg exported uniforms etc.
The last item I have to solve now is shadow.
I'm using osgShadow::LightSpacePerspectiveShadowMapCB and I found out 
how to replace
  the given shaders.
In my old vertex shader I had to calculate the shadow texture coordinate 
like that:







Unfortunately the gl_EyePanes are no more available.
I also couldn't find any uniform exports like osg_vertex etc.
Is there any way I can calculate this inside the vertex shader
by using the given uniforms and the eye position?
Or is there anything I can precalculate on CPU and provide it via uniform?

Any help is highly appreciated.

- Werner -

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