[osg-users] OpenGL OSG Rendering 19 tessellation + LOD + tiles

valerian merkling val.merkling at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 08:05:53 PDT 2015


To make it short (and cause my english is not good enough), there is a youtube video called "OpenGL OSG Rendering 19 tessellation + LOD + tiles" that show exactly what I need (but i cannot post links yet)

I need to make the same :
- map
- with elevation
- resolution of both changing with zoom

How "hard" is it to make it with OSG ? What is already done ? 

I (could) want to make a game, and i liked the idea of playing on real maps ! 
But i don't want to rush right into the coding part, and I would like to have more precision on what OSG can do for me.

Thank you!


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