[osg-users] [osgPlugins] ETC1 and other TC format support in DDS plugin

bret curtis psi29a at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 08:31:44 PDT 2015

Here is the good news, ETC1 is supported by NVIDIA's binary blob on Linux even though it isn't announced. So it can be tested. I validated this by loading a KTX file (instead of a DDS) file, so the code to handle ETC1 is available but only in the KTX plugin.

VC4 (in RPi) announces support, but it isn't live yet. Eric Anholt confirmed this when I talked to him last week. It is coming.

Intel announces support, but OSG gives an message that the opengl function isn't supported. So I don't know if this is problem with Intel's driver or in OSG itself.

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