[osg-users] Advice on how to best inject behavoir regarding FBOs

Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Sun Aug 9 01:30:41 PDT 2015

Hi Jan,

I read the notice about the upcoming v0.7 release as well. My understanding of their text is that the new DirectDriver model would NOT replace the current direct mode. Instead the DirectMode would be the fallback option for those with graphic cards which do not support the new DirectDriver model (ie. Nvidia Card before Kepler and AMD cards before GCN). So instead of extended mode and direct mode, we will have direct mode and DirectDriver mode. This is supported by the following reddit post by one of Oculus Engineers:

So I still think it may be a good idea to have v0.6 support up and running before the v0.7 release. But maybe that just me being a masochist. 

And I suspect that the FBO solution is something that would be present in the v0.7 release as well. So I still think a solution to the problem with initializing FBOs outside the osg::RenderStage::CameraSetup function is needed.

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