[osg-users] NodeVisitor finds the named Node, but NodeCallback doesn't rotate it

Elias Tarasov elias.tarasov at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 06:45:43 PDT 2015

Hi, scrawl!

Im not sure that i understand what do you mean by saying "detached graph".

I have now:

//Here is Node
ref_ptr<Node> nodeEngineCW = osgDB::readNodeFile(pathToACModels + "engineCW.ac");

//Here is MatrixTransform
ref_ptr<MatrixTransform> setupForwardEngine = new MatrixTransform;
setupForwardEngine->addChild( nodeEngineCW.get() );

//Here is Group
ref_ptr<Group> groupAircraft =new Group;
groupAircraft->addChild( setupForwardEngine.get() );

//Here is Root
ref_ptr<Group> rootnode = new Group;
rootnode->addChild( groupAircraft.get() );

Everything seems fine in this sense.

Thank you!


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