[osg-users] out of memory

Renato Semadeni rsemadeni at flyelite.ch
Thu Apr 30 02:59:50 PDT 2015

Hi there,

I'm supporting an image generator using osg as library for handling the 3d objects. Our artist passed me 3 objects of the total size of 1.5Gb. Our image generator reads in the landscape database and additionally user defined 3d objects. With our other 3d objects it runs without any problems.

We load every object with: 

osg::ref_ptr < osg::Node > _osgNode = osgDB::readNodeFiles( fileList) ;

osgUtil::Optimizer optimizer;

_osgNode->setStateSet( new osg::StateSet ) ;


As I understand, we load all models into memory, and due to that our image generator is an 32bit process running on Windows, it doesn't get more than 2Gb of memory. With our landscape database and those three 3d objects, the process exceeds the limits of Windows.

Does any body has a proposal, how I could change this, except of transporting it to 64bit? Isn't it possible to pass it to the GPU's memory?

Thanks a lot for every help!


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