[osg-users] Segfault occuring in -- void Text::drawImplementation(osg::State& state, const osg::Vec4& colorMultiplier) const -- after updating from osg 3.3.1 to the current trunk

Curtis Rubel crubel at compro.net
Thu Apr 30 05:21:09 PDT 2015

Hi Robert,

The application that is having this issue is very large, so I will have to
dig into it and see about finding the exact location of the segfault.  The
author of the app no longer works with us so this will take some time to investigate.

The application is one where OSG is an object inside of a QT5 QTWidget. 
In the qt app, it is crashing in the paintEvent where its calling ViewerBase::frame(), so not very direct as to where the problem actually is in this case.

I will see what I can find and if possible setup a small example that duplicates the issue.

As for you question about the number of contexts, I can only say that at this time I am unsure if there is any graphics contexts being added as the application is running.  The application emulates an aircraft Multifunction Display, so there are many different pages of text and graphics that get displayed.  It is possible that a new graphics context could be being added during runtime.  As I mentioned the author no longer works with us so we will have to debug this and see what we can determine.


Thank you for your quick response..


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