[osg-users] Enabling Vsync gives dramatic increase in latency

Björn Blissing bjorn.blissing at vti.se
Mon Apr 27 08:18:23 PDT 2015

Some minor notes about the latest numbers.

First of all, the Oculus units were used as pure screens, i.e. no lens distortion shaders. For DK2 this means running the unit in extended mode. (To be able to run via Direct Mode I would have to modify my test program to use the Oculus SDK.)

Secondly, the Oculus screens were set to work at their native rate. i.e. DK1 screen was set at 60Hz and the DK2 at 75Hz. 

Lastly, all tests were performed with Nvidias default settings, except for VSync/GSync. No other custom driver settings were used.


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