[osg-users] Best practice for dynamic StateSets & Geometry

Jannik Heller scrawl at baseoftrash.de
Wed Apr 15 07:57:18 PDT 2015

> I am surprised you saw a boost with disable double precision.  What specific element you do you change w.r.t double precision? 

I enabled OSG_USE_FLOAT_MATRIX and OSG_USE_FLOAT_PLANE and observed a 10% framerate improvement.

Might be related to particle systems, which I forgot to mention I'm also using.

> For the change to double precision making a difference it's a hint that you have a scene that is poorly balanced.  

W.r.t. balancing, for exterior environments I have objects organized in a grid of 3x3 cells. A quad tree might yield better results. Main problem though is that I am restricted to runtime optimizations - the scene itself comes from a third party source that I am not at liberty to modify or distribute. The scenes were created for a game in 2002, so not surprising they're CPU bound on modern hardware now.

I plan on trying the osgUtil::Optimizer at some point though I'm afraid I can only run it on individual models and not the whole scene - as the scene is tightly connected to game logics, scripting, physics, etc.

> Are you using CPU based animation?  Could you shift it onto the GPU? 

Yes and yes - I am using software skinning at the moment just because it works. I will try and move to hardware skinning later, but for now I am focused on porting the rest of my rendering code to OSG before optimizing more.


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