[osg-users] RTT Camera does not render anything

Andreas Schreiber ayss at online.de
Wed Apr 15 03:34:34 PDT 2015


my bad for not explaining it very well ;)

I want the following:

With the RTT Camera I want to render a specific geometry. The texture I get from that, will be used in the main scene later.

The RTT Camera must not point in the same direction as the main camera.
If this would be the case the texture would change if I move the camera, correct?

My thought was if I create the RTT Camera, with "ABSOLUTE_RF" it would point in the same direction as the main camera, but would not change its orientation etc. when the main camera does.

Now I try to read out the ViewMatrix and the ProjectionMatrix to find out the difference.

At the moment I just  could transform the geometry under the RTT Camera so the camera renders the part I want. But I wanted to understand what goes on so I do not carry any mistakes with me ;).

Hope this makes it clear, if anything isn't just ask

Thank you for helping me out Sebastian ;)

Thank you!


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